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A unique healing technique that traces its roots back to ancient Japan, Nuru massage has recently become one of the most sought-after massages available. Its popularity is well deserved—this massage not only promises healing and relaxation, but it also offers a unique experience with its signature slippery sensation.

So why is this massage becoming so popular? Let’s dive in and unravel the mystery behind Nuru massage healing. We’ll explore the history and traditional techniques of this ancient practice; its health benefits; some of the common misconceptions around it; and ultimately, show you why it’s worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime.

What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a type of massage therapy that has been around for centuries. It originates in Japan and involves two people, lubed-up with a special gel made from seaweed, who move their bodies over one another while fully naked. According to ancient Japanese tradition, nuru massage is meant to provide a deep level of relaxation and healing.

The purpose of this massage technique is to stimulate your circulation and connective tissue to achieve a full-body release. This can help improve physical and mental wellbeing for both participants. As the practitioner moves their body against theirs, the soothing gliding motion helps encourage a deep level of relaxation. This can help ease away physical tension as well as emotional stress.

This type of bodywork also focuses on increasing energy, reducing pain, and improving posture by releasing all the tight areas within your body through gentle manipulation of muscles. Nuru massage therapists are trained to work with all kinds of postural issues while providing a deeply therapeutic massage experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What Makes Nuru Massage Different?

One of the most notable features of Nuru massage is its origin: it is a practice from Japan, which dates back centuries. It has been practiced for ages and used to promote healing and relaxation in the body.

What makes it unique is that the entire body of the masseuse is used as a tool of massage. During a Nuru session, both parties are coated in a slippery gel made from nori seaweed, allowing for greater friction and smoother movements. As well as providing many benefits to physical and mental health, Nuru massages can also be incredibly sensual or even erotic depending on the desires of both parties.

The combination of its slippery gel and mutual contact between both participants make Nuru massage an incredibly effective way to relax, reconnect with your body, and enjoy an intimate experience with another person. Its ability to promote healing both physically and mentally has become widely acknowledged in recent decades, increasing its popularity amongst those seeking a new form of relaxation or therapy.

The Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage offers a variety of benefits, ranging from relaxation to increased sexual arousal. Many people enjoy the intimacy of the massage and some even choose to use it in their overall self-care routine.

### Stress Relief

Nuru massage helps to relieve stress and tension, calming the body and mind in the process. By deeply massaging the muscles and nerves, it can also help loosen and release knots that may be causing pain or discomfort. The unique gliding motions of Nuru ensure that no area is left untouched, promoting muscle relaxation while increasing blood circulation and range of motion.

### Enhanced Sensitivity

The intimate atmosphere created during Nuru massage helps to promote trust and connection between partners, which in turn can lead to enhanced sexual arousal and sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity can help foster feelings of love and connection as well as increasing pleasure for both partners.

### Recovery & Healing

The intense bodywork of a Nuru massage helps to relieve tension in muscles, joints, lymphatic system, as well as in areas affected by injury or surgery. This type of deep tissue work is an effective way to address soreness, stiffness or chronic pain due to underlying medical conditions or physical trauma—all while providing relaxation and pleasure at the same time!

Nuru Massage Techniques Explained

Nuru massage techniques involve a series of full-body massage strokes, incorporating elements like stretching, kneading and pressure. The masseuse will use their entire body to stimulate and deliver pleasure to the receiver.

The Nuru gel used in the massage is made from natural algae extract, which creates a very slippery and sensual sensation for the receiver. This gel is applied in generous amounts across both bodies, helping to create an even ‘slip-and-slide’ effect during the massage. This allows the masseuse to use their entire body to massage the receiver in fluid motions, while also providing additional stimulation through skin-on-skin contact.

The most common massage methods used in Nuru massages are:

1. **Gliding Massage** – This is done by pressing both hands together, then gliding them over the entire body of the receiver in smooth motion.

2. **Rolling Massage** – The masseuse will use their arms and palms to roll over muscles and areas of tension on the receiver’s body.

3. **Kneading Massage** – The masseuse will use their fingertips to knead specific areas in circular motions for a deeply relaxing effect.

4. **Friction Massage** – The masseuse will use pressure from their palms and fingers to create friction on stressed muscles which helps reduce pain and tension in these areas.

By combining all of these massage techniques, Nuru massages can lead to increased physical relaxation as well as deeper emotional connection between partners.

Creating the Perfect Setting for a Nuru Massage

To create the perfect environment for a Nuru massage, there are a few key elements to keep in mind.

### Ensure a Warm Atmosphere

A warm and inviting atmosphere with low lighting and easy access to the massage space is key for creating a calming and relaxing space. From soft music to scented candles, the essentials for this special massage should always be taken into consideration.

### Invest in Nuru Gel

Nuru Gel is an essential part of the massage experience – it facilitates smooth gliding movements throughout the massage and helps to provide extra nourishment and hydration for your skin. Investing in quality Nuru gel will ensure that your experience is memorable.

### Have a Waterproof Mattress

It’s important to have some kind of waterproof mattress underneath you while receiving a Nuru massage, as there will inevitably be some spillage of Nuru Gel during the process. Having a waterproof mattress on hand is necessary for cleaning up afterwards with ease.

Preparing for a Nuru Massage Session

Preparing for a nuru massage session is an important part of ensuring a successful, therapeutic experience. Before your session, be sure to:

– Shower: Showering is important for hygiene and comfort. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse before your session.

– Make Space: Create a warm and dark environment by using comfortable cushions or pillows, or even mats laid out on the floor. Candles or lamps can be used to provide light, while essential oils can set the mood to promote relaxation.

– Have Food Ready: Eating something light before and after the session is recommended to ensure that you are well nourished and rehydrated after the massage. Consider fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water as healthy post-massage snacks.


Nuru massage is not only a great way to relax and unwind, but also an effective healing method. Its ability to relieve tension in the muscles and stimulate circulation gives it an edge against other massage techniques.

Nuru massage offers many benefits, like improved blood circulation, increased energy, and even improved immune system functioning. Plus, its gentle yet intimate nature offers a unique experience that can be a great way to connect with yourself and your partner.

Whether you want to use it as a form of relaxation or healing, gay massage is definitely worth a try. Its unique combination of rubbing and sliding can melt away stress and tension in a way that nothing else can. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the perfect time to give it a go – this mysterious massage technique could be just what you’ve been missing.



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